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...The Dragons and the Pens...

"Here in the Den I use one of the world's leading brand of pens. Your pen beside it looks, feels, and would sell so much better."

Gavin Duffy

"I love these pens with the stylus built in. I've tried it on my own iPhone and it works great. It's a very distinctive brand and distinctive pen. People will buy this not just in Ireland, they'll buy it around the world."

Sean O'Sullivan

"You both are a complete and utter inspiration. Not only have you done your county proud but you have done Ireland proud and well done to you both. On that obviously I want to give you the €2,000 bursary."

Ramona Nicholas

"How much does this cost?....I'd certainly pay that for it. Here's what we'll do, I'll will give you an order for €2,000 worth of pens and we can argue later on what that gets me"

Peter Casey

"I like what you're doing boys."

Sean O'Sullivan

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1916 Commemorative Bolt Action Pen

1916 Pen

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